first blogpost of many to come! i know this part of the site isnt even formatted properly yet but idc i wanna write. ANYWAYS. life is lowkey crazy as fuck for me rn! i really wish i had time to update this site mroe bc i honestly have so much fun doing it but like........... i have school. i dont wanna doxx myself or anything but i go to an EXTREMELY intensive university and it has lowkey highkey ruined my life! im just super busy all the time doing homework til 2 am every night and wakin up at 7 to do it all over again and im worried its affecting my physical health :(
tho through it all ive still got some stuff going for me! i dont want this blog to be a debbie downer so ill talk abt some super awesome stuff thats happening rn! first is that my friends are in a fucking AWESOME band and i get to see their shows all the time!! they are honestly like genuinely the highlight of my days rn and honestly one of the only reasons i keep going bc i just love seeing them so much!! along with that after this school year is over (i think??) im gonna be moving in with a bunch of my friends!! im so genuinely excited for that bc like moving out where i live is EXTREMELY hard and this is like a great opportunity for me!! and like also just like im really glad to be having a lot of cool friends that i can hang out with because this is honestly the worst period of my life so far and im just like. YAAAH!
this has gotten pretty long but i dont get a lot of opportunities to talk like this so im just getting out what i can lmao anyways thanks 4 reading


wow havent updated here in a while! looking back its kinda funny how much i was complaining in my last post because it did NOT get better lmao. february was a very very hard month for me school wise and it didnt really slow down at all, and to be honest at that point i didnt even know if i would make it through the year without dropping out or killing myself but here i am at the end of the school year! it was very hard, i went through a LOT of breakdowns, lost like half my friends and then gained new ones, ended my first relationship, moved out of my place back to my parents a month early, and absolutely scrambled through my projects but i made it out! i think! i still have like 2 weeks left but classes are officially over and now i just have exams and presentations.
its funny now looking back seeing that my school was pretty much the whole reason why my mental health was so bad. i wanted to chalk it up to living alone but when i didnt have school, living alone was so much fun and i was having a good time! but man do NOT go to an intensive trade school if you are severely mentally ill lmao.
but yeah school is wrapping up, and its officially confirmed im moving in with my friends at the beginning of next month. im hyped! i started applying to some graphic design jobs and honestly things are really looking up for me. i think this summer will be one of my best yet :) also i like spongebob now. im in love with karen